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Frequently Asked Questions

How Shoes By Shea Works

Shoes by Shea is a made-to-order process. This means that every shoe is hand painted just as they are ordered, and not pre-designed shoes that are chosen from.

Each pair is completely unlike any other! The first step in getting your own custom shoes is filling out an order form on the Order Here page.

This order form goes directly to me where I can look over the design and contact you about your design and give you a price estimate.

After your order is officially placed, you send your payment to Shoes By Shea and the work on your shoes begins immediately!

After the shoes are completed, they are photographed and featured on as part of the shoe portfolio.

Finally, your customized shoes are shipped directly to you! 

How much are the shoes?

All prices below are all inclusive, so they include all shipping costs, the price of your brand new shoes, taxes, and everything else!


I also offer payment plans that enable you to pay as you go! This involves a $60 down payment when you first order, and then incrimental payments in the amount that fits your needs best: $25, $50, or $100 at a time)


$215 - Vans and Toms

      $225 - International

$225 - Converse High Tops

      $235 - International

$250 - Leather Heels

      $265 - International

$320 - Classic Short Ugg Boots

      $335 - International

I Also Make Other Things, Here Are There Prices:

  • Canvas Paintings

          Order your own custom painting in a range of sizes to display on your walls! All designs are custom, just like the shoes. The sky is the limit!

           18 X 24 Inch Painting - $300

           12 X 16 Inch Painting - $225

           8 X 10 Inch Painting - $100


  • Custom Pop Vinyl Funkos:

          Get your own custom version of your favorite band member, TV show character, or even YOURSELF! A full custom Funko includes a fully sculpted and painted version to make it perfectly resemble its' muse.


           Custom Funko - $75




How long will it take for the shoes to be completed?

Orders are completed in the order that they are recieved. One pair typically takes 1-2 weeks to finish, but this is not necessarily the time frame in which your shoes will be received because there may be a number of orders in front of yours, but when your order is placed, I will give you an estimate as to when your shoes should be completed. 

Do you take rush orders?

I do take rush orders if there is a specific deadline such as a birthday or special event, but I reccommend ordering at least one month in advance of when you would like to have the shoes done by. 

What kind of paints do you use?

I paint the shoes with acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium. This medium adheres to the shoes' fabric, so that they will not crack, fade, or peel. 

Are they waterproof?

The shoes are 100% waterproof, you should have no problems wearing your custom shoes in any conditions. 

How do I pay?

I take payment through PayPal, check, cash, money order, etc. 

Where do you ship?

I ship everywhere you can think of! Shoes for International clients are just slightly more expensive than U.S. clients because of shipping expenses. 

I CANNOT ship to Italy, because Italy does not allow shoes to be sent into the country under any circumstances. Scusate!

Do I send in my own shoes or are they bought separately?

Shoes are bought separately by me. Shoe costs are included into the total price shown under prices.