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Every pair of Shoes by Shea are given a 'signature name.' No two shoes are ever alike; they each have their own identity - just like you. So when you wear your kicks around town, you can wear them proudly, knowing that they reflect your unique personality and style. What will your shoes be?

These shoes were made for avid Marvel fan, Alexandria! Her shoes feature the foursome from Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot!! I absolutely am in love with these shoes. The gradient night sky background makes each character POP right out of the shoes! I even did Alexandria's name in the Guardian's font, with gold paint of course! 

These shoes were made for Melita, from Australia, my first international client! Melita got this super cool Blink design mashup, with some unorthodox, but badass theme colors! I love that these shoes break the norm and are just as unique as Melita. She'll be Blinkin' from Down Under from now on1

These shoes were made for Hannah Rabatin, and feature a Slytherin theme from Harry Potter. The shoes were tedious to make, but came out extremely well. I even added metallic paint into the gray to make the shoes have a little pop of shimmer! Hope Gryffindor isn't too jealous! 

These shoes were made for Courtney from Maryland. Her mom ordered them as a Christmas present for her. They feature the jersey from her favorite baseball player, Adam Jones, and are also adorned on the side with dolphins, her favorite animal. I love how these came out, and how brightly the orange pops against the white soles! 

These shoes were made for Chris Barry, and feature his favorite characters from the Anime show, Hunter X Hunter. I really like the background design, and how they coincide with the theme colors of each character. The shoes came out really well, and open a whole new door for you Anime fans out there! Spirited Away Vans anyone? 

These Converse were also painted for Lipbar Cosmetics! The shoes feature an Old-School-Tatto inspired technique, with plently of lipsticks in a variety of bright and beautiful colors. The design is laid out onto a simple purple background to make sure that the lipsticks are the star of the shoe! 

These shoes were made for Megan of Southern California. She adores Frozen, so it was easy for her to dedcide to honor the movie by ordering a pair of Anna and Elsa-themed shoes. The shoes feature profiles of the two sisters in their formal attire from the beginning of the movie. The background of the shoes are Anna and Elsa's dress patterns and colors. These shoes came out bright, clean, and colorful, and Megan loves them as well! 

These shoes were made for Aubrey. Her awesome friend, Susanne purchased the shoes for her as a birthday present. Aubrey is a huge Dr. Who fan, so obviously the infamous Tardis needed to be a part of the design. The background is a magenta nebula, complete with stars, while the sides feature a teal nebula design. The right shoe features a typography design of The Doctor's ever-famous "Dont Blink" quote. These shoes came out realistic and true to the much-loved shoe. Whovians Unite!

These shoes were made for Luke Chapman, who lives all the way in AUSTRALIA!! Because international shipping is so expensive, Luke and I figured out a plan so that even though he was halfway around the world, he could still get some Shoes By Shea! We sent the shoes to his mom, while she was on vacation in San Francisco. Luke got the shoes finally and he loves them! The shoes feature the album cover of The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show, and also have artwork from Take Off Your Pants and Jacket and the infamous Blink Bunny on the sides of the shoes. 

These shoes were made for David Yim. David wanted an Untitled-inspired pair of Blink-182 Shoes. The shoes are very simple, featuring the album cover design of the band's Untitled album, but they're simplicity do not lack boldness and color! I'm so happy with how these came out. And not only did David love them, but his mom even loved them too!! 

These shoes were made for the contest winner of Street Team 182's April contest, Josh! The winner got to receive limited edition posters of Dayne Henry Jr.'s art along with a free pair of shoes featuring Dayne Henry's work, also. Josh, who owns his own company, No Love City, has actually had Dayne Henry Jr. create a design for him and his company, which is the same design featured on his winning shoes! I love the design, from the amazing girl power, to the cool blues and grays in the simple, but powerful palette to the street art style and drips. I'm so incredibly happy with how these shoes turned out, and I guess I'm not the only one because Dayne Henry Jr. himself even complimented me on them!! 

These shoes were made for Neil Westfall of the band A Day To Remember. In March, I made shoes for the band's lead singer, Jeremy McKinnon, and Neil told me his size so I could make him shoes. He shares my obsession for Blink-182, and even has the band's name tattooed on his knuckles. I thought he would love nothing more than a play on the pair that I gave to Mark Hoppus (mine and his favorite band member) last October. The shoes feature Brandon Heart's smiley logo design as well as my personal typography of lyrics from the famous hit, All The Small Things. I plan on giving the shoes to Neil later this month on the band's Parks and Devastation Tour. 

These shoes were made for the company LipBar. They customize lipsticks to match your complection, hair color and eyes. Check their instagram out at

These shoes were made for Jake Bonham of Dangerkids for his girlfriend, Mona, to congratulate her on getting into the University of Conntecticut's neurscience program. The shoes feature her favorite artist, Bassnectar's poster designs. Both feature Hindu undertones and bright colors, as well as Bassnectar's logo on the sides in different designs.

These shoes were made for my client Melody, for her boyfriend, George, who loves Blink-182. (Great choice!!) These shoes feature Brandon Heart's Aliens Exist poster/t-shirt design. The purples, yellows and blues pop right off the shoe, making the shows bright and eye catching. These shoes are any Blink fan's dream!

These shoes were made for Kimberly Smyth, wife of Tyler Smyth of Dangerkids. Tyler and I planned to surprise Kim with the shoes as a wedding present. The shoes feature her cat, Jameson, and her and Tyler's initals on the side of the shoes. After finishing the shoes, Tyler and I presented them to Kim at Warped Tour and she loved them! The shoes have also now been officially "Jameson Approved."

These shoes were made for Nathan Olvera of Lake Forest, CA! These shoes are one of my favorite pairs that I have made. The feature album artwork from Chunk, No Captain Chunk!"s first studio album, Something For Nothing. The shoes feature a faded sunset background, with a sea monster and pirate ship foreground. These shows were extremely tedious to make, but the end product was extremely satisfying! 

These shoes were made for Olivia Shalhoup of Ladera Ranch, CA! She loves the Arctic Monkeys, so a pair of custom shoes to showcase her favorite band was definitely called for! These shoes feature album artwork from the Arctic Monkeys' most recent album, AM. The shoes also have the band's logo, as well as some art from their "Do I Wanna Know?" music video. These shoes came out perfectly. I love the black-and-white theme, which goes great with any outfit! 

These zombie-themed shoes were made specially for Kylie from Texas! These shoes feature realistic zombie feet with wounds, bones and bandaids, with a purple background. These shoes were so much fun to make and I would love to make more zombie-themed shoes in the future! 

This custom pair was made specially for Jeremy McKinnon, the lead singer of A Day To Remember. The shoes feature album art from their album "Homesick," as well as two pugs on the side after his pug, Zenki. 

These shoes were made for Ethan Bockenstette. The shoes feature a simplistic Lana Del Rey theme with splashed of red. 

These shoes were ordered by Nikki Lucious as a birthday present for her friend Ari Sacco! (What a good friend she is!) This custom pair of kicks is inspired by Miley Cyrus' most recent album, Bangerz, as well as her infamous VHI/Wrecking Ball performances. The shoes have album artwork from Bangerz and feature a pin-up Miley with her foam finger and dressed in her Wrecking Ball music video attire. 

These custom Vans are now worn by the lead singer of The Devil Wears Prada, Mike Hranica. The shoes feature album artwork from their 2nd studio album, Plagues. 

This custom pair was made for Chris Rubey, the lead guitarist for The Devil Wears Prada. This pair features album artwork from their 3rd studio album, With Roots Above And Branches Below.

These custom Vans now belong to Andy Trick, the bassist of The Devil Wears Prada. These shoes feature artwork from a tour poster of TDWP.

The "All Seeing Eye" custom vans pair was made specially for the drummer of The Devil Wears Prada, Daniel Williams. The shoe features art from a tour poster of the band's.

This pair was made for Jeremy Depoyster, the rhythym guitarist of The Devil Wears Prada! The shoe features album art from their most recent studio album, 8:18. 

Back in November, I got the amazing opportunity to give Mark Hoppus his own custom pair of shoes. He was surprised to say the least, but said that he loved the shoes and thought they were amazing. He even very generously gave me drumsticks, a signed laminate, a shirt, stickers and guitar picks, which was astonishing to me because I just wanted to give him something from me! The next day he posted the shoes on his Instagram and they ended up receiving over 30,000 likes. My dreams came true in so many ways that day and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to not only meet my hero, but give him something he truly enjoyed!

These shoes were made for my boyfriend about a year ago as a Christmas present. His favorite band is A Day To Remember, so I thought Homesick-themed shoes might be a great surprise. He loves them terribly, so much so he refuses to wear them because he doesn't want anything to happen to them! 

These shoes were made for Donovan Willis of Wabash, IN. I love the way these shoes turned out and am very proud of them! Check out Donovan's testimony about his Shoes by Shea here!

This shoe is the first of the limited edition Mark Hoppus shoes. Only 50 pairs will be made, but each a little different than the other. The shoes are inspired by those that I gave to Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 in November of 2013. 

These shoes were made for Jake Bryant, the guitarist of Dangerkids. His pair is constellation themed because he loves everything space related! 

This pair belongs to Jake Bonham, the bassist of Dangerkids. The shoes feature lyrics of Dangerkids along the ship. 

This pair was made for the clean vocalist of Dangerkids. I was so thrilled to work with Tyler and the rest of his crew, who are all amazing! His shoes are based on an ancient legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox, which he holds near and dear to him.

This pair belongs to Emilie Bach and features several of her favorite bands. It was a challenge to incorporate several different bands without making the shoes too complicated, but I am very pleased with the finished product. The bands featured on the shoes include Blink-182, The Wonder Years, Mayday Parade, The Story So Far, Stick To Your Guns, and The Ghost Inside.

These "Hoot" shoes are a pair of hightops I painted for this school year. Owls are my favorite animal, so naturally they were included in a pair of my own.

This pair of Vans is a follow-up to a previous pair of Neighborhoods hightops I painted two years ago. I absolutely love the design of the album, and of course also because it is Blink-182.

This pair of Vans were requested for a Christmas present. The shoes feature The University of Colorado: Boulder's logo as well as track symbols because the owner is part of the university's track team.