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I just received my very own custom made BASS SHOES, and I am beyond excited about it!!! Bassnectar is the figurehead of dubstep and electronic music, and out of all the festivals that I've been to, I've NEVER seen an item that has captured the true essence and fandom of Bassnectar more than these shoes that Shea handcrafted for me. Everything from the design, precision, and color is absolutely perfect. I am so excited to catch everyone's attention with these shoes at future festivals and concerts. I wasn't aware before now how much the style of your shoe can put a new-found hop in your step. Thank you for the magnificent job and heavy dose of confidence, Shea!

- Mona Asadi, 22, Connecticut

I am so happy with my custom vans painted by Shea! The design is incredibly detailed, accurate, and vibrant. It does absolute justice to my favorite band, bringing the music to life onto a pair of shoes. Not only are the shoes amazing, but the entire transaction, including the simple & straight-forward delivery and payment as well as brilliant customer support/interaction, makes me look forward to coming back for more custom shoes. I will definitely recommend Shoes by Shea to everyone i know!

- David Yim

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the shoes! I am beyond ecstatic and Shea did an amazing job at creating them. I came in not knowing what I wanted specifically and Shea decided to take the reins and created a masterpiece. I couldn't have imagined them any better. The shoes were made for my boyfriend and he, also, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw them! I have a feeling he will be wearing these shoes everywhere, even to his place of work! Shea was a lovely person to work with, very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend these to anyone! :)

- Melody Chiu, Chicago, IL

When I saw that Blink-182 had posted a new pair of hand-painted Vans slip-ons on Instagram, I said, "I have to have these!" After a brief search, I discovered they were custom shoes by a company called "ShoesByShea". I emailed Shea Roberts and soon decided that I wanted my own custom design. She was incredibly friendly and made the entire process smooth and enjoyable. She worked with me on pricing and welcomed my input. I wanted to do the album cover for The Story So Far's sophomore release "What You Don't See" on the shoes. She accepted my specifications without hesitation. When I got them in the mail I was ecstatic; I still get that feeling whenever I look down at my feet. The paint is waterproof and doesn't flake. I've received so many compliments on my shoes that I'm saving up for another new design. I would strongly recommend ShoesByShea to anyone looking for a custom pair of kicks. An all around fantastic experience. Thank You so much! :D

- Donovan Willis, Wabash IN

I am absolutely in love with my Shoes By Shea. Not only is the artwork beautiful but it brings a piece of my childhood to life. She specializes in Vans but was happy to do a pair of Converse for me which was greatly appreciated because I do not usually wear Vans. They were mailed to me in a quick and timely manner and to say I was pleased by the results would be an understatement. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BUY SHOES BY SHEA. She is amazing!

- Makayla McManus, Baton Rouge, LA

Just got my brand new pair of custom vans from Shoes by Shea and I love them! I've know this amazing young woman for our whole lives and always knew she was gifted, but I had no idea what she would do with it. I asked for a pair of Lana Del Rey-inspired Vans and what I got back was more than a pair of shoes. They're a piece of one-of-a-kind artwork. I was blown away. I now have a piece of vintage Lana Del Rey fanmobila that no one else does. Shoes by Shea is the perfect place to give an idea to a true artist and have her run with it and for the outcome to be utterly amazing. 

- Ethan Bockenstette, Lake Forest, CA

I am absolutely beyond happy with my amazing shoes. I have known Shea for a long time and I have always been proud to call her my best friend. When I received my shoes, I have to admit I teared up. They incorporate my all time favorite bands while not being over the top. They're one of a kind and fit my personality perfectly. I can wear them with any outfit and I am so lucky to have a friend that can make something as unique and incredible as these shoes.

- Emilie Bach, Ladera Ranch, CA